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See if this is what u want-James KB4RMN


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>I know this is slightly off topic - but only slightly... I am, was using an 
>Autek RF1 meter to
> determine my swr on a new F12 240N but the lengths are considerably
> shorter than the manual (and everyone else) says... and it is not working
> right... so Tom suspects the RF1 as the culprit... however I have no means
> of using my IC746PRO to test it as it will not transmit below the ham
> bands -
> is anyone aware of a fix to do this? I know for example on the TS940 all 
> one
> had to do was to clip a diode.... is there a way to get out of band 
> transmit
> for these rigs for testing antennas at 5W?
> g.
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