[TowerTalk] 160m Antenna Tuner Recommendation?

J. Hector Garcia XE2K hector at telecom1.net
Fri Nov 25 02:07:48 EST 2005


One simple solution can be  if you  have this cable just for the 160m antenna and reduce the SWR, adjust the CATV cable to something near the 50 ohms adding the 50 ohms coax like the formula say..  but you know that,  i have in use the Heatkit  SA-2060A that works for my station and also in some other portable installations using near Legal power with antennas over the 2:1 SWR

the Nye Vyking can be a good choice also $$$

On 24 Nov 2005 22:22 PST you wrote:

> I have a 160m inverted vee fed with 75 ohm CATV.  Minimum SWR is 1.9:1 
> which isn't too far from expected given the 75 ohm cable.  I've decided to 
> just use a tuner for now, to get me QRV on top band (for the first time in 
> my life).  I will maybe improve this situation later by feeding the vee 
> with 50 ohm cable or explore transformers or other solutions.
> Unfortunately, with only about 1kw, my Dentron "Super Super Tuner" starts 
> to arc at times.  Any recommendations for a tuner that can handle 1.5kw on 
> 160m, given my relatively high SWR?  Please no home brew projects, as I am 
> a QCAO.
> Thanks in advance!
> - Scott KA9FOX
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