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>  I'm new to the list; I guess this question has been asked  before related 
the proper use of a US Tower TX-455 Thrust Bearing Model  number TB-2US. I'm
using a 3 el SteppIR on a 5 foot mast. When I tighten  the thrust bearing
clockwise it locks itself into place. 

    Yep, it's eccentric and that's the theory. It's  not really capable of 
taking much of a vertical load - it's meant more for  lateral thrust which it 
does okay at. 

>  This point do I lift  up on the mast to remove the weight of mast and 
from on top of the  rotor, or do I let the rotor take the full weight. My
rotor is a new M2  (the 90 mph windstorm took out my Yaesu G-800DXA). Any
other suggestions  would be greatly appreciated. 

The manufacturer wants the weight of the mast and  antennas ON the rotator so 
don't worry about the vertical load in the TB. 
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