[TowerTalk] Guy Rope

Ken Shutt k5guu at amsat.org
Fri Nov 25 10:21:44 EST 2005

Anyone have experience with dacron polyester rope for use as guys for Rohn 25 towers?  AES has an advertisement for such a product.  It is manufactured (or marketed) by Synthetic Textiles, Inc. and comes in three sizes:  3/32 in, 260+ lbs; 3/16 in, 770+ lbs and 5/16 in, 1790+ lbs. 

Also, what type of clamps are required?  I have a 70 ft, Rohn 25 tower that is quyed at the top and middle.  I like the idea on non-conductive guys but I am concerned about stretch, weathering and longevity.

Any comments will be appreciated.

73 de Ken, K5GUU

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