[TowerTalk] CATS RD1800

Mark Ketchell k5er at arrl.net
Sun Nov 27 18:48:55 EST 2005

Hi Chuck,
Can't speak on the "Y" model. I put up the "H" model the week a couple of weeks
ago and have had no trouble. I did elect to go with the interface, running with
a ham 4 controller. Craig had told me that with the interface, the resolution
might not be quite as tight as running with the digital controller. I figured
on HF, +/-  a few degrees wouldn't matter.

Because I was installing a Force 12 EF-240 AND a C-31XR, I had ordered a 22 ft
1026 DOM 2" X .250 mast.  Since the existing tower was Rohn 25, I had decided
it would put far less stress on the tower if I put the rotor at the top of the
SECOND section. We had measured Rohn sections on the ground, and although
close, felt sure it would fit. The space between the stacked sections was
slightly less, causing the rotor to hit all three of the bottom "Z" bars on the
top section. It was the last weekend before sweeps, with about 1 hour of
daylight left. Both antenna and mast were already on the tower, waiting for the
rotor to be slipped in. The decision was made that since the rotor plate(a 1/4
" thick aftermarket version) was at the very top of the second section, and the
guys were attached at that point, it wouldn't weaken the tower beyond limits to
clip the bottom horizontal "Z" bars on all three sides. The RD-1800 slipped in
like a glove, self centered, and we aligned it to north. With about 225 pounds
of antenna and mast, it doesn't set any speed records, but it also doesn't
torque the tower like some of the fast start rotors. So far, every time I have
hit the button, it has done just what it is supposed to do. The highest wind I
have operated in, was about 35 mph, as a front came through. Even with the 15+
sq ft of windload, the RD-1800 never balked. In addition, Craig was one of the
most knowlegeable and easiest to work with,  manufacturers/distributors I have
ordered equipment from. I certainly wish you luck in your installation. Once
you get it working, I am sure you will appreciate the design and construction
of the 1800. I love mine!

(The usual caveat: I am not affiliated with RotorDoc, I just really like their

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