[TowerTalk] Asymmetric Radial Field for 80M

Tim Duffy K3LR k3lr at k3lr.com
Mon Nov 28 22:25:20 EST 2005

Hi Scott!

There will be a small difference in performance in the direction where the radials are short, but you really will not notice the difference in operation. Put down as many as you can, as
long as you can. Then get on the air and enjoy 80 meters!

I use small galvanized staples (used for landscaping) to hold down my radials. They bury themselves in less than 6 months without any added dirt. Radials installed this way are down 4 to 6
inches within 5 years!

You can see some radials being installed (100,000 feet of them) at:


Click on the 80 meter vertical project (2 phased 4 squares)

Tim K3LR

"D. Scott MacKenzie" wrote:

> OK, I am sold.  I need to lay out a lot more radials on my little top-loaded
> 80M antenna to make it play better.  However, because of terrain, I am
> forced to use an asymmetrical radial field.  I can go 10 feet in one
> quadrant but 60 feet in the rest of the quadrants....Once I get the radials
> laid down, I am going to bring in a truck load of dirt and cover them up and
> plant grass.....
> What effect does this asymmetrical radial field have on the antenna
> performance?
> Thanks
> Scott
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