[TowerTalk] ALTERNATIVE TRIBANDER or the Ideal TriBander...

bob finger finger at goeaston.net
Tue Nov 29 06:58:12 EST 2005

K2EK at aol.com wrote in part:

Lets face facts...  you are not going to WIN a contest (I mean WIN the thing 
number 1 single op..) with a tribander. Maybe state, maybe section, bit... 
there are just too many good ops with real antenna farms to consider WINNING the 
whole shebang.  

Weeeeell:  I can only say that in the 2005 ARRL DX SSB test NN3W did indeed WIN the USA low power single op category using the W9GE antenna farm.  Antennas; OptiBeam OB16-3 tribander at 80 feet and Force 12 C3E tribander at 40 feet.  The 40 antenna was a Moxon at 80 feet on 75 a delta loop and an inverted L on 160. To reinforce the point, Rich came very close to exceeding the all time low power usa single op record with his 2005 performance

You indeed can WIN with a tribander.  You do need to be a superb operator and location helps a bunch too.  73 bob de w9ge

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