[TowerTalk] Brand new and appreciate help---Glen Martin tower & more....

Cary Brooks cary18 at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 29 20:29:59 EST 2005

Hi All,

Just got a general license.  Appreciate all the help that has been shown me.  I want to put up a 3 element SteppIR on top of a Glen Martin 9 foot or 17 foot roof-top tower.  The tower will be going onto a one story home (60 years old) in Los Angeles---E.I.A. 70 M.P.H. I am getting a Yaesu G 1000 SDX rotator.  I have been told it's a good (very good) idea to guy the tower.  I also have an Icom 756 Pro2.  Thanks everyone for any and all help....73.....Cary  KI6BMM

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