[TowerTalk] Hurricane Help Needed - Tower Climbers!

Rick Harnish rharnish at onlyinternet.net
Wed Sep 7 11:17:31 EDT 2005

I am forwarding this plea for help from the WISPA list.  Mac Dearman is a
WISP in Northern Louisiana that is heading a team of 20 volunteers from
around the country right now, trying to establish communications to refugee
shelters.  Can someone help?  Call toll free to the Network Operation Center
if you can assist.  Ask for Matt Larsen.


Bullit, Rick and all

    We are in desperate need of a couple tower climbing crews. I have a
fractured Tibia and my foot & leg is swollen as big as my wifes head. We
have TLINK10s to deploy (THANKS TRANGO BROADBAND) and I think we are about
to get all the bandwidth via my fiber we can use. Please, please
- no newbies for tower climbers. We dont want anyone hurt PERIOD. Please
bring your own rigging and safety gear.

    I also have access to towers from I-20 corridor in N. Louisiana to I-10
Corridor  in Southern La. and East across the entire Southern Louisiana that
run to just west of Hattisburg Mississippi. I also think we are going to be
FEMA sanctioned in the next few minutes as they have called and blessed our
efforts here this morning. With or without FEMA's cards  - - the march has


Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
318-728-8600 - Rayville
318-450-4349 - Monroe, La
318-303-4227 - NOC

Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.
260-827-2482 Office
260-307-4000 Cell
260-918-4340 VoIP
rharnish at oibw.net

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If however, it's a disused spur, then it may not even be still connected.  A
lot depends on what it was - for instance, a small factory siding is
unlikely to be track circuited, but a long branch may well be. On the whole,
keep away from it.

If any of the local lines are electrified, then it's a disaster froma noise
viewpoint. Incidentally, the European railways are wanting to use inductive
loop in the HF range for track to train communication: they say they need
enormous field strengths because of the amount of electrical noise modern
locos produce. NATO, the broadcasters and the ahms are taking a dim

Railways went downhill once they went away from trains as God intended -
with steam! They were very good from an electrical noise viewpoint, too.


Peter G3RZP



See: http://www.mscomputer.com  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless
Weather Stations", and lot's more.  Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any
questions and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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