[TowerTalk] recommended winch

Dave Fuller rfcdma at spinn.net
Fri Sep 9 11:38:58 EDT 2005

It will be attached to the base of a large tree (away from the tower)  
There will be a pulley at the base of the tower directly below the 
(heavy duty ginpole)(standard safety proceedure).  The capstan should 
allow much better control of 100lb sections than several people on a 
rope or a tractor or jeep or even a normal winch as many suggestions 
here have beem posted.  The tension will be controlled easily with  the 
correct turns on the capstan and it will be impossible to overpull on 
the tower section like you could easily do on a cable winch.   I really 
don't understand why this is even remotely unsafe....we are only talking 
100lb sections here...not thousands of  pounds.  How is there going to 
be 200 lb tension on the haul line?  and so what if there is.  5000lb 
rope 200 lbs..... safety factor of 25!   The chainsaw winch can pull 
2000 lbs so we have a safety factor of 10 even if the sections weighed 
200 lbs..   Sorry but I don't see how we are being unsafe at all....And 
don't worry if it doesn't work out safe we wont do it... Probably the 
worst part is the noise but we are taking care of that with radios and 

A bunch of people told me that you can't put up 55 with a ginpole either 
but a lot of people on here have done it....sure you use a bigger 
heavier ginpole that fits the tower correctly but....what's the diff 
between 45 and 55 once those things are done....about 30 lbs if I 
remember correctly...don't remember what 45 weighs without looking it up...


K7LXC at aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 9/9/2005 7:35:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
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>>I haven't used it yet but we obtained a capstan winch that attaches to
>>our chainsaws.  We are going to try it Saturday to raise sections of
>>Rohn 55.   I'll let you know how it works after we try it.
>    While a capstan winch is incredibly handy for tower work, I'm wondering 
>what you're going to attach your aforementioned chainsaw capstan to when using 
>it. It needs to be mounted very securely on something and not hand-held.
>    How are you going to lift a 100# section when there's going to be 200# of 
>tension on your haul line? Hmm? 
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