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Tue Sep 13 09:35:05 EDT 2005


     A year after I erected my tower on the property I received an assessment letter from the county fathers.  My property value, and hence taxes, had increased.  This, in spite of (or because of?) the tower on my property.  

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

> Another thing: just claiming that property values will decline because of
> "ugly" does not prove the case. When one goes to court (which we all wish to
> avoid) the legal teams on both sides will have "experts" testify (realtors,
> land use experts, etc.) who will get into prevailing real estate rates,
> historical trends, etc., etc. You could win or lose on these points, and we
> usually don't want to go the mileage, but the planning & zoning and
> council/commission people know this, and if they know YOU know this they
> will not buffalo you with a bunch of BS. You need to read and stufy the
> prevailing laws and trends and then use their own laws & trends to make your
> case. You may be able to achieve this as a "civilain" or you may have to
> employ an attorney, but you can't crumble because some people percieve their
> property values are effected. You need to show that you are within the
> letter of the law and that nearby and adjacent property values have not been
> degraded because of yours (or others') antenna stuctures.
> GL 73
> dan
> Missouri

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