[TowerTalk] GIN POLE (trivia)

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Sat Apr 1 09:15:45 EST 2006

Can you give us some examples of safe and unsafe use of the Gin Pole? 

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> All joking aside, if anyone is really interested, the proper 
> term is GIN  POLE.  GIN as in enGINe comes from Middle 
> English and refers to any  mechanical device that transfers 
> energy into movement.  The term "gin  pole" refers to a 
> device used to lift or hoist heavy loads and has been used  
> in numerous industries such as fishing, mining, construction 
> of buildings,  walls, etc.
> The gin pole we are all familiar with is one derived mostly 
> from those used in mining.  This piece of equipment is 
> designed to be mounted vertically and used to lift heavy 
> objects straight up and swiveled into position for stacking purposes.
> The gin pole is one of the  safest and most useful pieces of 
> equipment available for stacking towers and  mounting heavy 
> loads on tower tops as long as the device is handled  
> properly.  Unfortunately it is also one of the most fequently 
> misused  and therefore most dangerous pieces of equipment in 
> our industry.
> K4XS

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