[TowerTalk] strange rotor problem update

FireBrick w9ol at billnjudy.com
Sat Apr 1 19:52:42 EST 2006

I wish I remembered to include this info.
1. I use the tailtwister control box.
It has the starting cap (which I replace once a year normally)
2. The Ham IV works normally, and in fact, perfectly.
3. I open the rotors once a year, in spring, just to blow out rotormites and look for 
4. The rotor does not exhibit the problem unless under load.
If I remove the clamps so the rotor can turn free, it runs full rotations at normal speed.
5. I can turn the tower by hand with just nominal force, and in fact, once it starts, it's 
really one hand easy.
6. In the past I have replaced races, direction pots, in fact I keep a set of spares in a 
can along beside two tubes of recommended grease.
7. I ALWAYS know to open rotators over the wives old roasting pan. LOL

8. I guess I have to bring it into the shop, not a big deal, just wanted to see if there 
was something I hadn't thought of...

thanks for the emails...

PS: . That's why I keep a spare rotor on the shelf. hihi

Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at bowling alleys.

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