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My  expereince has been (with both those rotators) that for a reason I can't  
explain, they end up full of filthy black dust, and the balls corrode.  When 
I have occasion to take either tower down (which isn't very  often), I always 
remove the  rotator, and wash the innards with WD40  - done outside! This also 
gets the old grease out, although an old [paint  brush helps. I don't worry 
about losing the balls, since they're generally  corroded, and I have a large 
bag of 3/8 inch balls, which cost around   3cents apiece. Because any loss of 
the balls wouldn't matter, I never  lose any, of course.....
My standard way of cleaning the ball bearings.....Get some mineral spirits,  
put in an old cool whip bowl and put the bearings and the plastic races  in.   
Roll the bearings around a little, use an old  toothbrush to clean the races. 
 Dry with an old towel and your good  to go.
When putting the bearings back in, I just use a thimble full of white  
lithium grease.  Too many guys use enough heavy grease to lubricate the  front end 
of a Buick, which eventually gums things up big time.
Bill K4XS


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