[TowerTalk] Surplus Inductor

Jim Rhodes k0xu at iowadsl.net
Tue Apr 4 12:46:50 EDT 2006

No use at all, so you might just as well send it to me for disposal;-)

At 10:53 AM 4/4/2006, WarrenWolff at aol.com wrote:
>Greetings TTalkers,
>I have found in my junk pile a rather large  variable
>inductor.   Many years ago, I retrieved it from a 5  KW
>AM transmitter.  It is about 7 inches long and 3 ½
>inches in  diameter.  My bathroom scale yields a weight
>around 6 ½ pounds.  It  still has the isolated vernier scale/
>knob attached.  The size of the  variable pitch makes me
>think that there was an upper limit around 20  MHz.
>Does this inductor have any practical use in the  modern
>Regards; Warren; W7WY; _WarrenWolff at aol.com_ (mailto:WarrenWolff at aol.com)
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