[TowerTalk] SPG Design

WarrenWolff at aol.com WarrenWolff at aol.com
Wed Apr 5 00:17:36 EDT 2006

Looking for advice, fellow TTalkers,
I am advised that all wiring into my shack should come  through
an SPG.  I project the following, expecting to only have  a few antennas at 
my installation.  Your advice is solicited.
 4 each     52 ohm coaxial  cables         (6 m vert, 16-3,  4-40, spare)
1 each     117 VAC 30 amp service  line  (for radio equip)
1 each     117 VAC  20 amp service line  (for XYL, TV, etc)
1  each     220 VAC 20 amp  service        (for KW linear)
2  each     Security support wiring (cameras,  remotes)
1 each(?) Computer network
1  each     Cable TV coax   (Is that  RG-6?)
1 each     Lights for the room
2  each     Rotator Lines   ( 1 ea Prosistel, 1  spare)
1 each     Attachment point for lightning  radials
Warren; W7WY

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