[TowerTalk] T2X brake problem?? Maybe!

Van K7VS wa7fab at cdsnet.net
Wed Apr 5 13:57:18 EDT 2006

When I drop my tubular tower to a horizontal point over the lawn and my 3 
element quad is not square to the ground when I tip over the tower, my quad 
will actually rotate to a point that is square with the ground.  I check and 
can actually hear the brake click in and out but apparently the weight of 
the quad which is mounted about five feet above  the T2X on a two inch pipe 
is such that the quad rotates to a point of "least resistance" i.e the 
weight of the quad is such that it rotates to a point where it is square to 
the ground.  Do I have a problem with the rotator brake or is this normal. 
Obviously if I put it back up then it is not north when I point it north as 
it has rotated.  Any comments?  Thanks  Van, K7VS 

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