[TowerTalk] Phasing verticals and stubs

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 5 17:50:39 EDT 2006

At 08:22 AM 4/5/2006, Ian White GM3SEK wrote:
>Don Havlicek wrote:
> >The 'right triangle' system utilizes two verticals per selected
> >direction with the third 'floating'. The 'equilateral triangle' system
> >uses all three verticals simultaneously,
>Any triangle system can be used with either two or three elements
>energized - check with ON4UN's book for details. In either case, the
>most practical and versatile system for beam switching is the
>equilateral triangle.


>Any right-angled triangle would be less versatile than either of these
>equilateral cases.

I would qualify that with "using a simple switching/phasing system".  If 
you have fully adjustable phasing networks, the performance of the two 
systems (right angle or equilateral) would be comparable, assuming they 
cover the same amount of space, and you're not in some pathological spacing.


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