[TowerTalk] Looking for 12M and 17M rotating Dipole ideas

Mike Harris mike.harris at horizon.co.fk
Fri Apr 7 17:19:35 EDT 2006


| I want to construct a rotating dipole for 24Mhz and 18Mhz with a single 
| line.
| Does any one have any construction details, experience, ideas....
| It could be made using traps or separate elements on a very short boom.
| The one feedline and rotating capbility are the main requirements

Sounds like a good case for an open sleeve arrangement like the Force 12 
driven element cluster.  I believe the necessary details are in the ARRL 
Antenna Book.

Failing that I guess some sort of matching network at the feed point, 
maybe relay switched or there is possibly some combination of element 
length and L or C that will auto-magically work on both bands.


Mike VP8NO 

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