[TowerTalk] Looking for 12M and 17M rotating Dipole ideas

Bob Kellow, W5LT W5LT at comcast.net
Sat Apr 8 11:57:39 EDT 2006

The Mosley TD-2W is a commercial example of what you are looking for. I had
the three band version (TD-3W), which covered all three WARC bands with a
single trap assembly. The -2W I am sure is similar.
See http://www.mosley-electronics.com/page%20files/amateur.htm
You could build an equivalent using telescoping tubing and a home made trap.
You can model the thing with AO (as I did) or other modeling programs to
find out what the trap neds to be and where to place it. 

Bob, W5LT

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Looking for 12M and 17M rotating Dipole ideas

I want to construct a rotating dipole for 24Mhz and 18Mhz with a single feed
Does any one have any construction details, experience, ideas....
It could be made using traps or separate elements on a very short boom.
The one feedline and rotating capbility are the main requirements

Jim W7EJ

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