[TowerTalk] Create Rotor: RC5-3 & RC5-3A

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Sat Apr 8 22:00:19 EDT 2006

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> Can any one tell me the difference between a Create rotor "RC5-3" and a 
> "RC5-3A" controller box?
> Thanks,
> Mike, K5UO 

Just by chance, Mike, I have an RC5A-3 rotor and control box on 
my workbench right now. According to the literature I have with it,
the RC5A is a ~25 sqft class worm gear drive rotator (they toute it
as a replacement for the T2X Tailtwister). There are two control box 
options for it - the RC5A-2 and the RC5A-3. The RC5A-2 control 
box has a "two second reversal delay" and no preset control, whereas 
the RC5A-3 has a "three second reversal delay" and an azimuth preset 
control (e.g. set azimuth preset pot to desired heading and push the 
start button). There is also an RC5 rotator which is an ~15 sqft rotator 
(they toute it as a replacement for the Ham IV rotator). The RC5 has
two control box options (RC5-1 and RC5-3). The -3 option has the
preset control, the -1 does not. Finally there is a RC5B rotator which
is advertised as a ~35 sqft class rotator. 

Its my understanding that these rotators are still made, but no longer
sold in the U.S. (Japan only). I have a factory contact email address
that was good in January 2001 if you want to try your luck. 

Hope that helps,

Mike, W4EF...............

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