[TowerTalk] Tet 10 to 40 beam

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 9 21:07:14 EDT 2006

I missed the start of this thread but I have the instructions for the 3 el
TET 40 meter beam on a 36 foot boom.  The TET beams just add a tri-bander to
the 40 meter boom.

KB4J had excellent results with the 5 el tri-bander on a 24 foot boom but
don't know what model this was.  Tet are still sold by Emtron from

I still have the boom and most of the aluminum but beware...the coils were
wound with aluminum wire.
The 3 el TET worked slightly better than the Mosley S-402 I had for several
years but its still light years behind the 2 el Cushcraft.

Dave K4JRB

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