[TowerTalk] Locating buried cables

jacobsen_5 at msn.com jacobsen_5 at msn.com
Mon Apr 10 20:52:02 EDT 2006

Pat said, in part:

"I just wanted to report back that this was very unsatisfactory.  Despite
emphasizing many times on the telephone that I wanted the locators to
call me before they came out (so I could ask them to sweep for my
ham cables), none of them did.  In fact, they never even went out to 
where I was actually going to trench (again, despite giving them
explicit instructions on the phone).
All they did was pull in my driveway, consult their maps and make
a paint marking on my front yard (about 300 feet away from the
beginning of my trench)."

Your locating service did what it was supposed to. It located the commercial
power and telco cables. I don't believe they are under any obligation to 
locate privately placed cables. Unless of course a little "under the table" payment 
is negotiated...... sometimes "cold liquid" on a hot day works. Not that I would
even suggest that.

K9WN  Jake

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