[TowerTalk] Locating Buried Cables - Followup

W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Mon Apr 10 20:56:48 EDT 2006

  >I ended up locating the cables the old-fashioned way - digging very
 >carefully by hand.  Lesson learned - counting on others to do your
 >work (when you're not paying them) is foolish.

Hi, Pat--

Now that QST has published an article on an ultrasounic power line arc
detector it sounds like it is about time they publish an article on an
underground cable locator.

Wish I knew more about the utility companies' detectors -- I have a
feeling that a ham with a decent junk box could build one for less than
10% what the utilities pay for theirs.

That is certainly true for the ultrasounic arc detector.

73  John  W0UN

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