[TowerTalk] New Cushcraft XM240 Trouble

peter.voelpel peter.voelpel at t-online.de
Thu Apr 13 13:40:07 EDT 2006

With me it is the other way round.
I am not interested what I find at the coax end in the shack,
that usually fits the output network of the transmitter.
What counts is the behaviour at the feed point of the antenna
and of the antenna itself.
Any antenna looking "funny" will be carefully examined and corrected 


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    After working on over 200 ham tower/antenna  installations, the only 
thing that matters to me is how the antenna looks in  the shack at the end
of the 
feedline. That's my bottom line. Sometimes an  antenna looks a little funny 
when measured up on the tower but looks FB in the  shack ( e.g. C31XR). 

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