[TowerTalk] rotor removal question

J. Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT w2ttt at att.net
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How about the idea of wrapping the mast and then rig a come-along or a lever
jack over the top of the tower to get the weight off?
If you could also drill a bolt hole in the bottom area of the mast and slide
a bolt through it if you can't get enough friction.
The key may be to lift from two sides at once in order not to bind.

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Hello Everyone,
I had a problem changing out my rotor today. Its a rd1800 rotor on a rohn  
ssv tower. The 2inch mast has slid down farther on top of the  rotor mount
Im unable to remove the rotor now(cant slide it out to  replace). Im looking

for advice on how to lift up the mast maybe an inch,  considering the rd1800
still underneath the mast. The mast and antenna  weigh about 200lbs and Im 
unable to lift it w/o some assistance.  The only  support I have for the
mast is 
the thrust bearing(should have put another plate  or support inbetween) on
of the tower. Im considering trying to attach  some clamp or bar metal to
mast and use a car jack or something to push the  mast back up to get the 
rotor out. Tower is 80ft and Id like to do it right the  first time. Any
ideas on 
how to jack the mast back  up?  Thankyou.

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