[TowerTalk] rotor removal question

Terry Gerdes terry at ab5k.net
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I recently took down a R45 tower with a 17' Chromoly mast and a three 
element forty on top of the mast.  The tower has a thrust bearing at the top 
and a Orion rotor below.   I stopped by Home Depot and bought three short 
pieces of chain and bolts.  The three chains were used to keep the mast 
"on-center" and were bolted around the mast and around each leg on the 
tower.   I used a truck scissor jack to jack the mast up out of the rotor.

73 Terry - AB5K

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> Hello Everyone,
> I had a problem changing out my rotor today. Its a rd1800 rotor on a rohn
> ssv tower. The 2inch mast has slid down farther on top of the  rotor mount 
> and
> Im unable to remove the rotor now(cant slide it out to  replace). Im 
> looking
> for advice on how to lift up the mast maybe an inch,  considering the 
> rd1800 is
> still underneath the mast. The mast and antenna  weigh about 200lbs and Im
> unable to lift it w/o some assistance.  The only  support I have for the 
> mast is
> the thrust bearing(should have put another plate  or support inbetween) on 
> top
> of the tower. Im considering trying to attach  some clamp or bar metal to 
> the
> mast and use a car jack or something to push the  mast back up to get the
> rotor out. Tower is 80ft and Id like to do it right the  first time. Any 
> ideas on
> how to jack the mast back  up?  Thankyou.
> Mark
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