[TowerTalk] AB-577/GRC Engineering Specs?

Michael Braun mrblinux at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 11:31:30 EDT 2006

Dear TowerTalk subscribers,

Hi - I'm Michael Braun, N3CA.  I am a 17 year old ham and enjoy
contesting as my primary interest.

About 3 months ago I was lucky enough to procure one of the AB/577 GRC
Military masts from a good friend and we successfully installed it at
48 feet, assuming that a permit would not be required because it is

Unfortunately, after the installation, I discovered that my county
(Montgomery county, Maryland) requires a permit for temporary
structures after a week of use, and a 'plans' to be submitted from a
professional engineer stating that the system I have put together will
support specific windloads, etc.  I was forced to take the system down
until the proper procedure is followed.

I am writing to ask if anyone knows any Professional Engineers that
are familiar with the AB/577 GRC 48 foot mast and may have done some
complete engineering studies on it related to wind loading and other
factors, or anyone who has had such studies done for themselves.. 
While I know that the 6 square feet of antenna I have at the top (48
feet) can be adequality
handled by the mast, I need to prove this to my county.

I am searching for someone with SPECIFIC experience with the AB/577
GRC Mast - to save on the cost of this project and speed the process.
The Professional Engineer that I spoke to quoted me upwards of $2,000
because he would have to do field work as far as measuring the
structure itself. Having measurements already in hand would help

As I am preparing to go to college, I am not in a position to spend
THOUSANDS of dollars for this study, which is why I'm searching for
someone who has already been through this process.

Thank you for any help or guidance you might provide.


Michael Braun, N3CA
n3ca at arrl.net

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