[TowerTalk] ab577 specs

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at verizon.net
Sat Apr 15 15:11:17 EDT 2006

First, some negotiation is in order, and a bit of 

I suggest you contact Ben, at Ontario Surplus, and see if
you can procure a copy of the manual from him.  (google works).
I have purchased 2 577's and a 100' 621a from him, at various times.

Secondly, when I got my permit for the ab621A, in VT, I
submitted the manual with the application, citing its 
application as a battalion communications tower purchased
to government specs.  As long as the tower was 100' or more
from my house, or anyone else's, the town didn't care.

My recommendation is that you meet with 'professional staff'.
That would be a city planner, or zoning code official, to review
how to go about your application, and what concerns he would have.
Set the right tone to this relationship, and you can sail through
the zoning board.  Get it wrong...and you won't get thru.  

If you're trying to put the tower within 48' of your property line
or home, I'd expect some pushback.  

For what it's worth, I tried internet search for specs for the 621 and
came up empty.  What I DID was note the sidearms and radar dish loads,
and back-calculate safety ratings from that.  Since it wouldn't fall on
anything serious, the code official said, "gee, why not?".   

Good luck!  and share what you learn here, pse.  Others may need it, too.


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