[TowerTalk] Upgrading from Rohn 25 to 45

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Hi Folks,

Now that I've worked on my writing skills, I am thinking that the pier-pin
base is going to be weaker than the embedded section base that I have now
when handling simple moment forces.
Isn't there a way to somehow use all that metal and concrete to keep the
tower standing up?  

Obviously, the brackets will continue to do their job and the structural
sturdiness of the larger sections is an advantage, but I'm wondering if I
would be trading one problem (lighter tower) for another (pier pin base)?

Any thoughts?

Any more grammar or punctuation lessons? 

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Good suggestion Bob.  That is very similar what I did after Hurricane 
Isabel turned my Rohn 25 tower into a pretzel.

Couple of other things I did was to cut the 25 off so several inches 
remained above the original base.  Built a mold out of 2 X 8 material 
around the base, extend and leveled the mold above the top of the cut 
off 25.   The 25 legs were filed with cement before the cement was 
poured into the mold.  High strength cement was used in the mold.   A 
pier pin was put in place before the cement set-up.

The original base had a slight rise towards the middle so it was 
unable to be directly used for the pier pin base.
At 07:57 PM 4/15/2006, bob finger wrote:
>Fascinating.  How did you suspend Rohn 25 45 ft above the required .8 cu
>yard block?????
>To convert your Rohn 25 base to  handle Rohn 45 cut off the Rohn 25 at
>the base, make the concrete essentially flat then drill a hole, insert a
>pier pin and epoxy it in.  Now you can install any tower you wish using
>a pier pin base.  A pier pin is better than a concrete poured in place
>section anyway.  Less stress and more give to the tower, it will last
>longer.  You will be guying this tower of course, yes????  73 bob de w9ge
>J. Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT wrote:
> >My Rohn 25 tower is 45ft above the required .8 cu yard block
> >
> >
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