[TowerTalk] AB-577/GRC Engineering Specs?

J. Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT w2ttt at att.net
Sat Apr 15 23:47:02 EDT 2006

How about modeling a mast of the available dimensions, guyed and anchored
according to the deployment instructions of the manual and topped with a six
square foot wind load?  

You can also make some reasonable assessments of the material type and its
strength based on nominal deployed configurations.
Uncle Sam is VERY CONSERVATIVE in these matters.

Finally, you might be able to figure out who made these things for Uncle Sam
and see if someone out there can provide additional info.

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT
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Thanks everyone for your emails.

The problem with the AB-577 manual is that it does not contain data of
relevence to a professional engineer. Practically all of the manual
describes how to use it rather than the materials involved in its
manufacture. Does anyone know of a study done with these types of things, or
especially one with regard to wind load? I'd need to be able to provide a
professional engineer with enough documentation to show that my AB-577 with
an improved guy system can survive a 90mph wind gust for 3 seconds.

Michael N3CA

On 4/15/06, Joe - WD0M <WD0M at centurytel.net> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> If you don't have the technical manual for the
> mast, here's a reference for the HTML version on line:
> http://www.tpub.com/content/antennaandmasts/TM-11-5820-538-12/
> You can also order the manual on CD from that web
> site, and others (including eBay).   It MAY have
> the technical information you're looking
> for.  All I've been able to find thus far is that
> it withstands 75MPH and 1/2 inch of ice.
> That antenna support was intended to hold two
> antennas, model AT-903.  Here is a link to a photo:
> If you can find the weight of that antenna, that
> should give you a guideline as to what it will hold.
> Tower talk has an archive reference that may help:
> http://lists.contesting.com/archives/html/Towertalk/2002-04/msg00723.html
> I hope these references help you find what you're looking for.
> 73,
> Joe
> At 11:51 AM 4/15/2006, Jim Lux wrote:
> >At 08:31 AM 4/15/2006, Michael Braun wrote:
> > >Dear TowerTalk subscribers,
> > >
> > >Hi - I'm Michael Braun, N3CA.  I am a 17 year old ham and enjoy
> > >contesting as my primary interest.
> > >
> > >About 3 months ago I was lucky enough to procure one of the AB/577 GRC
> > >Military masts from a good friend and we successfully installed it at
> > >48 feet, assuming that a permit would not be required because it is
> > >temporary.
> > >
> > >I am writing to ask if anyone knows any Professional Engineers that
> > >are familiar with the AB/577 GRC 48 foot mast and may have done some
> > >complete engineering studies on it related to wind loading and other
> > >factors, or anyone who has had such studies done for themselves..
> > >While I know that the 6 square feet of antenna I have at the top (48
> > >feet) can be adequality
> > >handled by the mast, I need to prove this to my county.

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