[TowerTalk] Guying on a small lot

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 17 09:21:40 EDT 2006

At 01:38 AM 4/17/2006, Jon M. Knodel wrote:
>I don't know if this question has been brought up on the reflector or not, 
>but here it is:
>I have a small lot (73' x 122') and want to install a 60' Rohn 
>25G.  Because of how the house is set and other structures, I am having 
>problems placing the tower where I can get the specified 80% guy length 
>(48').  I am pretty close to getting it but come up just short on two of 
>the legs.  On the third one I can get 48' without any trouble.  On the 
>other two, I am about 4' short (73% instead of 80%).

Symmetry is always nice.. pull all the guys into 44'.  You'll be increasing 
the vertical load somewhat
(10-15%?), but at least the static tensions are the same and reasonably 


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