[TowerTalk] Guying on a small lot

Clay Curtiss W7CE w7ce at curtiss.net
Mon Apr 17 20:00:36 EDT 2006

> You misunderstood the PE.  The guys cannot be
> at the same tension, because they are different lengths.
>> am on two acres, the lot is not level and I could not put the tower in 
>> the
>> best location because it turned out a septic field is in the way.

It seems like the answer is dependent on why the guys are different lengths. 
His lot isn't level, so he may have to go further out because the lot is 
sloping away in one direction (to maintain the same angle between the guy 
wire and the tower).  I am planning a tower later this summer with exactly 
that situation.  Each of the three guys will terminate at a different lot 
elevation.  I'm going to pick each guy location so that the angle at the 
tower will be the same for all three guys and I'll use the same tension for 
all three.

However, if the angle between the guy and the tower is different for one or 
more guys, then different tensions are required, or as you stated the tower 
will try to move to equalize the horizontal component of the tension vector.

>> They say the important thing is maintaining the minimum
>> attachment distance from the base and the 120 degree spacing.  They also 
>> say
>> the guys, though of different lengths of Phillystran, should be set to 
>> the
>> same static tension.

In the case of sloping land, I'm not sure that the distance from the tower 
is the key factor here.  What's important is the angle of the guy wires with 
respect to the tower (not the ground).  If the land is sloping down from the 
tower, you'll have to go further away to maintain the angle and if the land 
slopes up you'll have to come closer in.

Clay  W7CE 

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