[TowerTalk] AB105

NØATH N0ATH at Charter.net
Wed Apr 19 00:04:05 EDT 2006

Hello Hardy - I am like you , when things are broke, if you can, fix em!
I just had to comment that many years ago - We use to build sticks ( Booms )
for draglines in the coal mining industry - The company would in some way 
xray the pipe thickness in all of the diagonal braces in the stick. It was 
thought that if you used a bit heavier wall thickness that is where it would 
fail first. It would supposedly create a stiff joint at that location. I'm not
saying that you have created a problem - it just triggered my memory.
Best of luck - sounds like a tremendous set up.
Dave / NØATH

Thanks for the specs. I have never have these numbers before. Mark asked me
if I had all the specs but I have about a dozen sheets that tell how to put
it together and that's it. 
However, I have started having some cross bracing failure problems. They
start at about the 70 ft level and go to the 85 ft point. All of the
failures are braces on the outside of the tower, not on the inside and are
all on one side. When I was up there, I thought my heart was going to stop.
There were four broken braces in a row up the tower on one ten foot section
and the tower section  had a bulge. Fortunately I had some of the G8A
stronger braces to fix the problem.  The tower is 140 ft with a 2el 80 mtr
beam and a 4el 40mtr. Probably way over loaded at 35 sq ft. wnd area.
Hardy N7RT

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