[TowerTalk] Power limitation for N-Connectors

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Ron and Team

I have had the same experience as Frank. I have also been running full legal
power into N connectors for years on the HF bands with *no* problems. On 6M
I have been able to run 1200 watts into N connectors using LMR 600 also with
no problems...I would run more power on 6M with N connectors but 1200 watts
is all I can currently get out of my modified antique Heathkit SB 220 on 6M
during contests  :-)

I have also changed almost all of my feed lines for my HF antenna systems up
at my Sierra wilderness summer QTH in CM99 to N connectors as they are much
less prone to problems with the snow and rain. I run full legal limit at
CM99 during contests with Alpha linear amplifiers ( three 8874s) and with a
monster home brew 3-1000z amplifier. I have used N connectors for all my
feed lines for 14 MHz through 430 MHz up in the Sierras. The inferior UHF
connectors have been OK in performance at my Bay Area CM87 QTH for HF but I
am slowly changing these to N connectors as well as I replace and upgrade
feed lines here in Saratoga, California. I use an Alpha 77SX amplifier here
on occasion ..two 8877s (3CX1500A7s) in the final. The N connectors easily
handle the full legal limit output from the Alpha 77SX on 3.5 through 28

GL and 73, Ted, K6XN

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I've been running full legal power into N connectors on the HF 
bands for many years with no failures.   Correct assembly is 
essential to reliability, the relatively new RC connectors 
eliminate the most common failure (improperly aligned center 


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