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This four element Lightning Bolt Quad covers 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. It 
is fed by a common balum. (one input PL259 and 5 output pairs of conductors)

Does anyone know what type of balum this is and what would be the replacement 
for it?

I imagine the driven elements for each band has an impedance of about 80 to 
100 ohms.  The feed into the balum is 50 ohms.

If a person provides a 2:1 balum for each feed, would the unused balums be 
terminated in 50 ohms or left open?

Any more thoughts on this antenna?
The device feeding the antenna is a BALanced to UN balanced transformer 
(BALUN) and usually the Lightning Bolt device had a HI and LO terminal with a 
common terminal.  The higher frequencies on the HI terminal and lower on the LOW 
terminal.    HI terminal nominally would be about 100 ohms plus, and the lower 
50 ohms.  
I would recommend individual feeds for each band, and a remote switch.  Use 
odd quarterwave 75 ohm cable to make impedance transformers.

Norm W4QN

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