[TowerTalk] Temporary Guy Anchors

Gary Bonnor jamieb at optusnet.com.au
Mon Apr 24 06:20:17 EDT 2006


Try your local motor vehicle wrecking yard for a quantity of rear 
wheel drive car axles.

Over here in VK I have seen them used for the guys on travelling circus tents.

They are usually 2 to 3 feet long and about an inch and a half 
diameter and made from heat treated alloy steel. Definitely won't 
bend in a hurry !!!


>============= snip ====================
>The location is on 10 acres on top of a mountain.
>Space is not an issue.  Soil is clay with lots of
>rocks.  I am looking for some sort of heavy duty tent
>stakes or equivalent that can be driven into the
>ground to act as guy wire anchors.  Another
>possibility is to fill some livestock feed tubs with
>concrete and makeshift anchors.  Whatever I do, it has
>to be temporary and last about a year.  Guys will be
>either UV resistent rope or light weight wire rope.
>Antenna will be TA-33JR with a HAM IV rotator.
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