[TowerTalk] Ground rod connection: Cadweld or ????

K4SAV RadioIR at charter.net
Mon Apr 24 10:01:08 EDT 2006

A solution using some kind of cheap clamp with a screw, is more 
expensive and requires more skill to install. If you use some kind of 
clamp, you have to apply an antioxidant and seal it from moisture.  Then 
every few months you have to dig the rod up and retighten the clamps 
since they will loosen over time. How much is you time worth?

There are special clamps made for this.
These cost around $4.90 each. These look pretty good, but they will not 
be as good as isothermic welding.

Cad-weld one shots seem to be going up in price.  A year ago I paid 
$5.65.  They are now $7.66, (part number GT1161LPLUS).
You might try surfing around for a better price. These are super simple 
to install and very quick, no special skill needed. Just be sure and use 
a flit starter. Buy the starter at Home Depot if you don't buy theirs.  
I didn't even cut the wire when installing these.  I just slipped the 
mold down the wire until I got to the right spot. These are bury it and 
forget it.

Jerry, K4SAV

Bob Kellow, W5LT wrote:

>HI All:
>I am putting in a ground system at my new QTH. Will have a ground ring at
>the tower with (4) ground rods, plus (2) radials plus a home run separate
>but in parallel with the RF and control cables running to the tower from the
>shack (about 90 ft).
>There will be three rods along each radial leg. 
>I know Cadweld (or equal) is the best ground wire to rod connection, but
>what should I use as 2nd best? Cadweld seems to be rather expensive, and
>takes some skill to implement.
>Open to any suggestions.
>Bob, W5LT
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