[TowerTalk] HDX-555 load question

Peter Voelpel df3kv at t-online.de
Mon Apr 24 14:17:38 EDT 2006

Hi Hamad,

you will most likely not install both beams at one level.
When one will be stacked above the other you cannot just add the wind loads.
The upper one puts much more bending force on the tower then the lower one.
You probably have to lower it during high winds or support it with guying.


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    I'm installing now two optibeam antenna's on a US Tower HDX-555 the
antenna are:-

Ob16-3 16 element 10, 15, 20m weight 45 KG and wind load 12.6 sq/ft
Ob40-4  4 element 40m monobander weight 75 KG wind load 16.2 sq/ft

total is 28.8 sq/ft and 120 KG (Lbs 264)

US tower web page says it can handle 70 MPH Winds -- 29.5 sq. feet; 350
lbs. (159 KG)

so I'm close to the limits.

My question is; can the HDX-555 when it is fully erect handle them in
strong wind? any experience with similar installation?

I'm asking now before it is too late. we don't have very strong wind it
is hardly reaching 110KM

your comments will be appreciated

de 9k2hn


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