[TowerTalk] Ground rod connection: Cadweld or ????

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>  HI All:
>  I am putting in a ground system at my  new QTH. Will have a ground ring at
the tower with (4) ground rods, plus  (2) radials plus a home run separate
but in parallel with the RF and  control cables running to the tower from the
shack (about 90  ft).
>  There will be three rods along each radial leg.  
>  I know Cadweld (or equal) is the best ground wire to rod  connection, but
what should I use as 2nd best? Cadweld seems to be rather  expensive, and
takes some skill to implement.

        The two connection methods  approved by the National Electrical Code 
are 1) exothermic (CadWeld, etc.) or 2)  mechanical, which means clamps or 
similar method. 
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