[TowerTalk] Anyone using polyphaser network products

Beat Meier Beat.Meier at gmx.ch
Fri Apr 28 17:04:25 EDT 2006


I've read some infos about the polyphaser products.
Has anyone on the list using the network products NX and/or IS products.

I use at the moment only power protection from Merlin Gerin (PF8).
BTW: What if the difference of Common Mode and Differental Mode of such

2 days ago a lightning entred at the wifi box (15m above ground,
antenna total 30m) and has gone over network cable in my office
and destroyed a lot of stuff ... (1 giga switch, 2 other switches, 2
pc,alert central)
The funny thing was, that lightning  switched at some time to the power net
over the earth cable
(so it seems) ant at least a part of the litghtning power left a power
socket but
far away from my equipment and there was nothing connected (earth cable at
power socket
pretty black). I have analysed the cabeling. It is a star from a box which
goes to every
power socket! So I really don't understand why the litghning went to this
box and not over
the ligthnign protection to earth.
The litghning protection is also connected to the star and of course to

Is there any explination (apart from the litghning protection does not work
:-) )



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