[TowerTalk] Tower painting

Jon M. Knodel jknodel at msn.com
Sat Apr 29 05:41:23 EDT 2006

Once again, thanks to all who responded to my last two quesitons.

My third one is this:
I have been buying used Rohn tower sections and painting them with Rustoleum Professional Primer and then High Performance Enamel.  Most of the sections I have been getting have had little or no rust at all.  The rust that I have seen has been surface rust which I wire brush (on an angle grinder) off before priming and painting.  

We live right on the coast (only 1 mile to the ocean and 1/2 mile to the bay) and corrosion is a real problem.  By painting, I am trying to be proactive in preventing rust even though the tower sections are already in good condition.

The last person I bought sections from was surprised that I was painting them and thought that painting the galvanization would be harmful in some way.  He thought that the paint would damage it or would cause unseen corrosion between the paint and galvanization or something.  I really didn't get exactly what his concern was, just that he thought it was a bad idea.

It seems to me that there would be nothing wrong with painting towers with Rustoleum (galvanized or not).  Am I wrong or missing something here?  Was he crazy or was I?


Jon, N7XW

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