[TowerTalk] Is that really Rohn?

Terry Gerdes terry at ab5k.net
Sat Apr 29 14:20:32 EDT 2006


You are right it certainly could be a clone tower.   This was formerly a 
Loran tower and probably purchased for the government on a lowest cost 
basis.  I would certainly like to think that it a clone and was manufactured 
to a lower spec.  It looks like a swaged reduction but the reduction is very 
sharp.   I compared it with some other R25 tower sections and they have a 
tapered swag.  I cut another leg off the tower section and posted a couple 
of pics:




73 Terry - AB5K

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> I looked at the .jpg at the link:
> http://www.ab5k.net/images/LoranTowerLeg.jpg
> It appears that the 'inner' section is a tube
> welded inside the outer, not a swaged reduction, like Rohn.
> Additionally, I've never seen Rohn 25 with a welded-
> on slug on the outside...visible just under the
> rust-through section.
> Is it possible this was a knock off, rather than
> actual Rohn?  Or, is my experience with Rohn 25 more
> limited than I thought?
> Based on the pic, it appears to me that the rust developed
> where the tower wasn't galvanized...on the inner tube, inside,
> above the weld, and on the lower surface of the aforementioned slug.
> It suggests that the structure was not hot-dip galvanized after welding,
> which was a Rohn spec.
> N2EA

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