[TowerTalk] OT: Propane Tank near lightning ground

Gary Schafer garyschafer at comcast.net
Sat Apr 29 23:23:13 EDT 2006

> That said, I learned when I worked for the Office
> of Emergency Management that the key concern
> from a tank is the direction of the "blevy".
> This was illustrated for me by our lead hazmat
> responder who described driving up to the scene
> of a huge propane tank with a fire under it.  He
> exclaimed that they had set up their command post
> in direct line with one end of the tank -- the
> hottest end -- and would have been obliterated
> had the tank "blevied" and sent that end ... and
> many superheated shards ... flying their way.
> So, if the "ends" are the top and bottom I
> suppose you are in less danger then if they
> are pointed at the house.
> --
> Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e  http://bibleseven.com

Why would you think that the end would blow out before the side would?

Gary  K4FMX

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