[TowerTalk] OT: Propane Tank near lightning ground

Les Kalmus w2lk at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 29 23:56:59 EDT 2006

Having been a volunteer firefighter for many years with specific 
training on propane fires, I can tell you we are trained to understand 
that a larger sausage shaped propane tank will most likely explode at 
the ends and not along the long dimension. Small tanks used for grills, 
etc. and 100 lb. vertically standing tanks typically used for cooking 
are a different problem.

Les W2LK

doc wrote:
>> Why would you think that the end would blow out before the side would?
>> 73 Gary  K4FMX
> He said that was the weakest point -- most prone
> to catastrophic failure.
> I dunno -- they paid him to know those things!

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