[TowerTalk] OT: Propane Tank near lightning ground

Doug Rehman rehman at surveil.com
Sun Apr 30 09:08:34 EDT 2006

> That opens a whole nuther can of worms. Burying a fuel tank 
> comes with a whole lot of regulations and requirements.

Actually, burying a propane tank is no big deal, at least in Florida. Things
like gasoline or diesel tanks have a massive number of
regulations/requirements to prevent a fuel leak from contaminating the
ground, but propane isn't as heavily regulated. I presume this is because
propane will dissipate.

I had a 500 gallon tank buried in my yard last year for my backup
generators. The gas company simply digs a big hole and puts the tank in.
It's the same tank used above ground. Above ground, the dark green tank has
to be painted a light color in Florida; below ground, they just put them in.

> Second, I would contact the owner of the propane tank to see 
> what their preference is, before doing anything.
> (In most parts of the country, if not all, the tank belongs 
> to the fuel distributor.)

Around Central Florida, ownership depends on the amount of propane you use
on a regular basis. If your house is gas (heater, dryer, stove, etc.), the
gas company will "loan" you the tank and will be the only ones that fill it.
If the propane is for something like an emergency backup generator where
your average propane consumption is not likely to be very high, you have to
buy the tank (IIRC 500 gallon tank buried = around $2200); the only
advantage is you can get gas from whoever you choose.


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