[TowerTalk] Mosley PRO 57 B40 HD on Versatower M60

Peter Chadwick g3rzp at g3rzp.wanadoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 1 15:36:01 EDT 2006

Chris said:
> I would certainly be worried about having such a large antenna atop the 
Versatower in 80 Km/hr winds. <
And me - unguyed, anyway.

>From memory, I believe that the Versatower is fitted with guying points.<
The heavy duty one certainly is.
I have the 4 section heavy duty one, which I've ended up having at 62 feet because I can't get the guys far enough out. Loaded with a Hy Gain 205BA and an interlaced 4 ele for 10/ 4 ele for 15 at 68 feet, that stood up to the 1987 and 1991 hurricanes, where wind speed locally hit 120mph. That's guyed at 3 levels. I would be very dubious about an antenna the size of a Pro 57 unguyed. Incidentally, I haven't heard anyhting good about the Pro 57, but that's probably nopt worth much of an opinion.
Peter G3RZP

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