[TowerTalk] Mosley PRO 57 B40 HD on Versatower M60

Peter Voelpel df3kv at t-online.de
Tue Aug 1 16:24:43 EDT 2006

I would not do that unguyed at 80km/h, the Pro57 is quite a large antenna.
The problem is mainly to retract it on higher wind speeds, you will need an
additional winch for pulling it down


The Pro57 is another problem, probably other antennas will be better


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I am new to this reflector, so maybe asking a question already raised...


I am contemplating buying a Mosley PRO 57 B 40 HD. My rotor is able to
turn this thing , but I am still a bit concerned about my tower. I have
a Versatower M60 ( standard type 18m ) unguyed, which I always leave
extracted up to wind speeds of about 80 km / hr ( = 50 mph ) and which I
fully retract for any higher windspeeds. Would anyone be able to tell me
if this is feasible ? Seems OK and maybe I have to start retracting the
tower at lower wind speeds...


Looking at all the technical data it seems OK, but any gutfeeling
"negative" impressions




Geert <Gerry>

Amateur radio Station : ON4IG



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