[TowerTalk] path of least resistance

Nick Pair daweezil2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 2 22:35:42 EDT 2006

The path of least resistance in the case of lightning means that path will have the highest current flow on it. The rest of the paths can have current flow also as there can, and usually are, be branching of the downward leader.This shunt current is of high enough voltage and current to be the cause of the type of damage the previous poster mentioned occurred in her neighborhood.( I thought it was kind of cute that she tossed  in the idea that her neighbors tower was "possibly illegal") 
  Also in the case of multiple strikes in a short time frame, the column of ionized air will have moved with the wind and the path of least resistance in the atmosphere will have moved a number of feet in the direction of air movement.
  Of course lightning doesn't read and just does what it wants to.

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