[TowerTalk] 1100 foot tower for a buck

Blake Bowers bbowers at townsqr.com
Thu Aug 3 09:03:37 EDT 2006

I guess I was not very clear in my post.  

I am willing to sell you the tower - you have
to remove it.  Your plans on how to remove it
have to be run by me.  

If I am going to cut the guys and let it fall (Which I have
done in the past) I will do it inhouse, therefore letting MY
insurance take the heat.

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> IF you don't care about the insurance ... and are willing to sign off to 
> that effect ... I am sure some of us would love to help you remove those 
> towers ... by cutting the guys and watching them fall.
> Insurance is very important or the above scenario could cause you grief.
> Don
> N8DE

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